Program Assessment and Evaluation


Academic programs at SVCC submit annual program assessment reports.  The program assessment is an annual, college-wide review of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) data and annual program goals.  Click here to access SVCC's program assessment log in page.  Faculty, you will need your password to access your pages.


In addition, full-time program faculty submit a program review every three years.  The program review is a three-year holistic review of the program--graduation and retention data specific to the program, employment outlook for graduates of the program, cost of program, number of FT and PT positions, summary of advisory council recommendations, program needs, as well as a three-year review of SLOs (taken from their annual program assessments).  This review allows faculty to see how they are improving student learning over a three-year period.   Click here to access SVCC's Program Review Manual (updated August 2016).


 **NOTE: Mini-Program Reviews are included in the 2012-13 Assessments.


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