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Current Version: Blackboard 9.1 (October 2014 Update/Version)

Blackboard is the learning management system used by the entire Virginia Community College System.   This online program is used by instructors at Southside Virginia Community College to share instructional materials, collect assignments, administer exams, post notices, etc.   Our online courses (except for some developmental classes) and hybrid courses utilize this program, and some of our traditional seated classes use Blackboard as well, but not all of them.  Instructors for our online classes are to make the Blackboard course areas available to students by 8:00 AM the day that the session begins, and links to those courses areas will display for students in Blackboard in the My Blackboard Courses module on the SVCC tab once this access has been given.  If you don't see a Blackboard area for a seated course, you would need to speak to the instructor to find out if he or she plans to use Blackboard for that particular class. 

Your Computer and Blackboard

Blackboard works with both PC and Mac computers, but you should make sure that you are utilizing a browser and operating system that are appropriate, and that you have all necessary plug-ins and software installed before your course begins.  There is a link in the menu above for technical requirements.  

New to Blackboard and/or Online Learning at SVCC

If you are new to online learning and/or the use of Blackboard, we encourage you to go to the "Getting Started" area linked in the menu above.  This area walks you through what you need to do to make sure that you are on the correct road towards success in the online learning environment at Southside Virginia Community College.

Accessing Blackboard
  • Go to the college website and click the MySVCC link on the left side and log-in to your MySVCC page. There is a link to Blackboard from that page.
  • Go directly to MySVCC bypassing the college site, log-in, click on the Blackboard link.
  • Go directly to Blackboard bypassing the MySVCC page and log-in. 
User Names and Passwords

When you access Blackboard, you generally do so through your MySVCC page. Even if you go directly to Blackboard, the user name and password is the same as what you utilize to access MySVCC.  

MySVCC User Name and Password Information  

Additional Resources

Go to the Technical and Instructional Support page linked in the top menu.