Career Pathways

Many individuals are limited in their career choices because they lack some of the postsecondary education that is increasingly required in today's workplace.  Career Pathways prepare them for the high demand, high skill, high wage job requirements of today.  Career workersPathways are educational plans that are within a specific business or industrial occupational area and prepare individuals with nationally recognized certifications, certificates and/or degrees. This training prepares them to take advantage of opportunities in not only the work place of today but that of the future.

Skill and knowledge acquisition along a specific pathway allows individuals to move not just vertically, but horizontally as they move from one job to the next.  Flexibility to move in both directions, not just up, provides for more opportunities in the workplace within a particular business or industry.  Career Pathways are broken into clusters.  The Virginia Department of Education has a website with information on career clusters including an overview and sample plans of study.  Virginia Department of Education Career Clusters         

Adult career pathways usually include:

  • An intensive preparation stage
  • Studies within an industry focused curriculum
  • A multiple-step career ladder beginning with entry and concluding with advanced technical skills
  • Partnerships with other community and governmental agencies that can supply resources to participants in order to overcome issues that may impede study and/or employment
  • Personal and academic support services essential to student success

If you are not sure which career pathway best matches your interest and skills, contact your nearest SVCC Student Services :

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