Career Pathways Programs

What is a Tech Prep Career Pathway?

Career Pathways programs form a bridge between high school and college by providing a blend of the academic courses you need for success in college with career and technical construction workerscourses that prepare you for high skill, high wage, high demand careers.  The Career Pathways Program is designed to give you the technical, academic and skills foundation you need to prepare yourself for careers both for today and for the future.  A good foundation now will open doors for you in the future as you will be better prepared for the rapid changes that take place in today's workplace. Concentrating on too narrow a career focus will limit your opportunities in the future. 

Not ready to commit to a degree program?

No problem.  Career Pathways Programs allow you to commit to a plan that provides you with multiple entry and exit points, depending on your particular situation.  Career Studies Certificates requiring approximately five courses will get you started on your career and you can then work toward a certificate and/or degree as you earn a living and gain work experience in a particular field.

MEDICAL WORKERSStarting education and training for a specific Career Pathway Programs while still in high school jump starts your postsecondary education process and can save you a great deal of time and money.  You can enter college with college course credits or advanced standing.  During the process you continue building skills, confidence and experience as you work toward your certificate or degree.   For more information on dual enrollment opportunities at SVCC click here

Career Pathways Programs are grouped into 16 cluster areas with multiple pathways.  Because careers change so rapidly today, it is important to build the kind of academic and technical foundation that allows you to adapt to new job opportunities.  More information on the Career Pathway Clusters and their Pathways is available here.

How can I find out more?

Check with your high school career coach or guidance counselor for current Career Pathway programs.  Programs for your high school are listed on the Virginia Education Wizard but new ones are being added all of the time so check with your Career Coach.  See your Career Coach or Guidance Counselor for a list of current Career Pathway programs available inthe following schools:








Park View 

Prince Edward 

Randolph Henry