Collaborate Virtual Classrooms

Southside Virginia Community College is utilizing Blackboard Collaborate to assist us with online interactive instruction, office hours, and meetings. This is a java-based web conferencing program that allows for two-way audio conversation, application sharing, whiteboard, and text chat.


Click here to view the orientation on using Blackboard Collaborate

If you will be using a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing session, this tutorial (linked to the left) and the information below will help to prepare you for using this tool.




Getting Started with Collaborate

  1. Check the system requirements for running Collaborate on your computer. This website will check your computer's operating system and java version. It also has test meeting rooms referred to as "Configuration Rooms".  Enter one of these test rooms to make sure that your computer is ready to go.  These rooms will prompt you to download the Collaborate Launcher if it is not installed.  You will need to download and install the Collaborate Launcher prior to accessing a meeting room. DO NOT leave this to the day that you have your meeting or session within Collaborate. Give yourself time in case you encounter a problem.   System Requirements Check and Configuration Rooms
  2. Access the training materials to familiarize yourself with Collaborate Web Conferencing by viewing the orientation linked above and/or this participant's quick start guide.
  3. Make sure that you have a working headset for a session or built-in microphone and speakers on your computer. A headset is best if you are going to be accessing the meeting room in a computer lab or other area where others are working around you. 

Tips and Troubleshooting