Distance Learning at SVCC

Distance Learning at SVCC:  Imagine, Believe, and Achieve

Often students are unable to attend courses on campus and need to complete course work through an online environment.  At Southside Virginia Community College, we strive to provide a variety of options for students in regards to the course formats that we offer. 

Types of Courses
    • SVCC Online Courses:  The course work for these classes can be completed anywhere, as long as you have a computer and reliable internet connection.  Most courses are taught through the Blackboard Learning Management System, but they can include the use of other websites, software, and email to present material and collect assessments.     SVCC Online Course Offerings
    • Hybrid Courses:  These courses are a combination of face-to-face and electronic delivery where 50-99% of the course content is delivered online.  Since a portion of the course is completed outside of the classroom, students can benefit from the increased flexibility, but also have the advantages that come from face-to-face interaction with the instructor since there is a classroom component.
    • Shared Distance Learning Courses:  Southside Virginia Community College continues to expand their course offerings through a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College. These online courses are coordinated through NOVA’s (Northern Virgina Community College) Extended Learning Institute (ELI) and are offered through Southside VA Community College’s course catalog.  Through this unique arrangement, an SVCC student can take online classes from other community college partners without having to transfer credits or apply to other institutions. These Shared Service Distance Learning (SSDL) courses become part of the Southside Virginia Community College curriculum.  Shared Distance Learning Courses Information Page
Other Resources for Distance Students