Role of the Student, Parent, SVCC and the High School

dual enrollment graphicRole of Students and Parents

• Complete college application, including parent portion with signatures, and schedule to take the placement test at your high school
• Select course(s) with high school guidance counselor
• Sign the registration form for each class and rent/purchase necessary textbooks if not provided by the high school
• Visit the local community college to see what campus support services or activities are available
• Participate in class; do assignments on time

Role of Southside Virginia Community College

• Work with school administration to determine which dual enrollment courses will be taught at the high school
• Hire or evaluate adjunct faculty that meet community college credentialing requirements
• Ensure that course content and textbook are the same as the course offered on the community college campus
• Identify coordinators of Dual Enrollment to work with the high schools
• Facilitate meetings between college and high school stakeholders to discuss logistics
• Administer the placement test
• Assist the high school in getting the student registered
• SVCC Dual Enrollment Instructor Handbook

Role of the High School

• Support the offering of Dual Enrollment with the high school staff, students, and parents
• Identify a single point of contact at the high school to work with the college coordinator for Dual Enrollment
• Recommend potential courses and students
• Assist all students in completing the admissions and registration processes and in obtaining necessary instructional materials
• Identify students that will need to take the placement test
• Identify students who have indicated pursuit of specific certificates of degrees