Early Academic Alert

SVCC Early  Academic Alert

An Overview

The Advising Build Team and the Student Services Team created a plan to address alerts for those students who experience academic and personal difficulty. Our intent is to construct individual action plans that bolster students’ ability to finish courses successfully and ultimately, to remain in college until degree completion. To that end, below is information that we believe honors our early alert work and our students’ ability to matriculate at SVCC.

The Process

Southside Virginia Community College students, at times, struggle to be academically successful.  They may frequently be absent, miss assignments, or perform poorly on assignments. In addition, they may not know where to go for assistance. The Early Alert system provides faculty members with a simple way to identify the students who may need assistance, and it generates an email to the students to let them know what resources are available to help them be successful.

Once the alert has been issued, a Student Services team member reaches out to students to help them. The Student Services team member and the instructor seek to:

  • recognize academic challenges,
  • pinpoint strategies to address those challenges,
  • take advantage of campus resources, and
  • celebrate academic victories.

Progress Surveys

Progress Surveys are a part of this new Early Alert System. Progress Surveys have proven success to boost retention of students. SVCC had favorable success data from our former usage of the Progress Survey model.  The progress survey dates for SVCC are below. A separate email will be sent when the progress surveys are available for use.

 Spring Progress Survey Dates:

16-week classes & 1st 8-week classes – Thursday, January 31st – Tuesday, February 5th midnight. 4th week

12-week classes – Thursday, February 21st – Tuesday, February 26th midnight. 3rd week

2nd 8-week classes – Thursday, March 21st – Tuesday, March 19th midnight. 2nd Week

 Thank you to the Deans of each academic division for their input with securing the timeline of the progress surveys.

Types of Alerts

Faculty issue alerts regarding:

  1. Assignment concerns for students who receive low scores on assignments.
  2. Attendance concerns when students miss class or are late throughout a     term.
  3. General concerns for students who have extenuating circumstances such as homelessness, counseling needs, mental health issue, in need of food, etc.
  4. In danger of failing when students are in danger of failing and require immediate intervention.
  5. Low class participation for students with low participation/engagement in class.
  6. Low quiz/test scores when students receive low scores on quizzes or tests.
  7. Never attended when students do not attend the first class in a course.  This alert is a critical intervention point for student success.  A best practice is for the Faculty member to make the first efforts to reach the student and submit an alert for the Student Services Responder to assist with your efforts.

Student Services Alert Responders

The Student Services team members are responsible for responding to the following Alerts:

1.       Assignment Concerns - LaDelta Williams & The Learning Commons Team

2.      Attendance Concerns - Dr. John Hicks

3.      General Concerns - Melissa Wood & Bernadette Battle

4.      In Danger of Failing - LaDelta Williams & The Learning Commons Team

5.      Low Participation - Tonia Talbott

6.      Low Quiz/Test Score - LaDelta Williams & The Learning Commons Team

7.      Never attended - Matt Dunn

Faculty Feedback

A bonus feature in the Navigate system is that the faculty member can see the progress of the early alert case they raised in Navigate using the history tab on the students' information screen.

Early Alert Access

Early Alert can be accessed by signing in to MySVCC.

Faculty Alert Instruction Sheet


Navigate Training Needs

For Navigate Training Opportunities please contact, Emily Jackson at Emily.jackson @southside.edu or at 434-736-2058

 Early Alert Process/Work Flow

Questions/Comments/Concerns/Ideas, regarding the Early Alert process, please contact bernadette.battle@southside.edu or at 434.949.1063.