Withdrawal from Classes and Returning Funds to the College

During your academic career at SVCC, you may consider withdrawing from a class.  Title IV and state funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds that the student was originally scheduled to receive.  Federal law requires us to return part of your federal financial aid if you withdraw from or stop attending ALL classes prior to the passing of the 60% point of the semester or if attendance ceases prior to the entire period of enrollment.  You will have to REPAY the part of your financial aid that is deemed “unearned” by the U.S. Department of Education.  The percentage of funds that you would be financially liable to return is based on your last date of attendance for the semester involved.  If you do not repay the portion of financial aid funds for which you are responsible, then you may be reported to the federal government, thus becoming ineligible for future financial assistance until this debt is paid in full.  All services for the college could also be restricted. 


Withdrawing from class can cause you to lose financial aid eligibility and cause you to owe money back to the college.