Financial Aid Disbursements

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact date when financial aid disbursements will be made and for when refund checks will be made available to students. This is due to the fact that there are several parties involved in this process (The Department of Education, the Financial Aid Office, the Business Office, the State Treasury, and the U.S. Postal Service). The process will unfold as follows. After the last day to drop classes with a refund, the Financial Aid Office will begin revising aid for students who are not full-time since original aid packages were based on a projected full-time enrollment. Once all aid has been revised, disbursements will be requested to the Department of Education.   After funds are received, the Financial Aid Office will disburse aid to the Business Office, where they will deduct tuition, fees, and bookstore purchases before making the refund check requests of the State Treasury. They will then generate the refund checks and mail them directly to the students.  Checks will be mailed to the student address as it appears in PeopleSoft.  Disbursements cannot be made to students for classes that have not yet begun; ie late starting classes and other dynamic courses.  Once the add/drop period for such courses has ended, the above process will begin.