GED and Adult Education

Southside Virginia Community College places a large emphasis on GED® credential and Adult Education. The college offers numerous locations throughout 7 counties to take classes, practice tests, and official tests for the GED® credential.

Reasons why earning a GED® credential is important:

  • Make More Money - GED® holders make an average of $7000 more per year than those without a GED® Certificate or high school diploma.
  • Go to College - GED® graduates accomplish as much in college and technical training as traditional high school students.
  • Build Your Career - Most employers accept the GED® credential when hiring and giving promotions.
  • Help Your Kids - Set an example - education is for a lifetime.
  • Feel Good About Yourself
Click here for site locations and information about the GED® test. For more information, please contact:

Buffy Allgood
Regional Adult Education Program Manager
434-949-1090 or

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