Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back


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We have more to offer you at SVCC. We have more in-demand programs, more advanced technical training, more professional faculty, and a more flexible schedule of classes to meet your needs. Our G3 philosophy is simple; Get skilled, Get employed, and Give back.

Get Skilled
SVCC offers nearly 100 unique academic and workforce training programs. No matter your interest, we have you covered. You can take classes in the day, evening, or online. One of the best things about studying here is that the majority of our programs lead to industry-recognized certifications. More skills, more knowledge, and more certifications can result in more money on the job. The college awards credit for work experience, military service, and specialized training. To find out if your previous training and experience can count as credit, simply tell us about your background in the EVALUATE MY EXPERIENCE for CREDIT  field on the contact form.
Get a Job
Employers are looking for skilled workers. In the past, you needed to get a college degree before you could expect a high paying job. Today, the name of the game is certifications. The more you have, the more potential you have to earn money in a technical field. At SVCC we want you to acquire the skills you need quickly and get on your way to a career faster. This may take as little time as a few weeks to one semester. Once you are working in your chosen field we want you to come back and finish a degree with us. 
Give Back
Once you are where you want to be, SVCC wants you to give back. We want you to speak to our classes about your profession, tell others about your journey. You can also donate to our scholarship fund and support other students coming behind you. You may be asked to serve on one of the college's committees or program advisory boards. You may even decide to teach for us in the future. To learn more about giving back click here (link to gov's g3 page) g3-get-skilled-get-a-job-give-back-59c7c1ecbd06
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