Getting Started in Your Online Courses

Getting Started

Online courses involve some of the same elements of traditional seated courses including assignments, tests and quizzes, and assigned readings.  Some online courses also include prerecorded video lectures, online live sessions, discussion board activities, and/or group name a few possibilities.  Follow the steps below to get on the correct path to find success.

  1. Make sure that you are able to log-in to your MySVCC page that will give you access to Canvas, the Student Information System, your student email account, etc.  You need a user name and password to access that page.  Please keep in mind that if you are a brand new student, beginning February 2020, you will not have access to student gmail until a financial commitment is made to the college. You will, however, be able to access Canvas and the Student Information System. Note that courses are not made available in Canvas until the start of the semester; thus, enrollment does not mean that the courses immediately show on your Canvas Dashboard.Here is a link to an overview of the MySVCC page and it has information on how to look up your user name and set-your password.  If you are unable to look up your user name or set your password, you will need to go through the college MySVCC Help Desk at (434) 949-1010.    MySVCC Overview
  2. Participate in an orientation to online learning.  We recommend that you complete the Hoonuit video course (approx 1 hour) "How Do I Succeed in an Online Class?" If you are not logged in to Canvas, you will need to use your Canvas/MySVCC username and password to access.