Loan Policies for Students and Community Patrons

All patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their card. You may check out up to twenty five items. Please have your library card each time you wish to check-out or renew items.

Loan periods:

  • Circulating books - four weeks, with one renewal
  • Best Sellers - four weeks, with one renewal]
  • Reference books - overnight
  • Audio visual materials - one week, with one renewal
  • Magazines and newspapers cannot be checked out.


You may renew items in person, by phone (949-1065 for Christanna, 736-2045 for Daniel), or by using our online card catalog.
Courtesy notices/replacement charges:

Patrons will be sent two overdue notices. If the item(s) are not returned within two weeks of the second notice, the patron will be billed for the item(s). For information purposes, the minimum replacement cost of any book or audiovisual is $50.00. If the item you checked out is part of a set, you are responsible for replacing the entire set. Once any item you have checked out is overdue for six months, you are responsible for the replacement cost of the item, whether returned or not. There is no overdue fine for items returned within six months of the due date. However, the library reserves the right to inspect overdue items for damage. Damaged items will not be accepted and the patron is responsible for the replacement cost of the item. Students who have failed to clear their library accounts will:

  • have their grades withheld
  • will not be able to register for classes
  • will not be able to have official transcripts mailed
  • will have a lien placed against any future state tax refund and/or lottery winnings

Interlibrary Loan:

Any items requested through Interlibrary loan must be turned in by the due date specified by the lending library. You can request a renewal, but the lending library may or may not grant you an extension. Fines for Interlibrary loan books are $1.00/day with no grace period or exceptions.