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Access Issues

Q: Do I have to change my password?

Yes, the system no longer allows a default password.  Please see our password page for further assistance.

Q: After I change my password or have my password reset, what accounts would this affect?

Your SVCC Online, Blackboard, Student Email, and VCCS SIS89:  Student Information System accounts.

SIS Issues

Q: How can I get help with registering for classes?

For your assistance, we have a document that you can access for assistance. Web Registration.  We strongly encourage you to talk to your advisor or a counselor before enrolling in classes. 

Q: How can I see my official grades?
  • Navigate to the Student Center in SIS.
  • Click Other Academic… drop down box.
  • Click Grades and the right arrow button.
  • Your grades will display
Q: If I attend multiple VCCS colleges, do I need to make changes to make a payment with a credit card?

If you have attended multiple Virginia Community colleges, then you must set your preferences before attempting to pay with credit card. 

Q: Is there a preferred web browser for accessing these applications?

For best performance, you should use Internet Explorer 5.5 or later as your browser to access the system.