Naming of Facilities Policy

This policy provides for the naming of college facilities consistent with the policy of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS Policy Manual, Section 2.IX.A.3.D.7.c).

The Southside Virginia Community College Local Board (“Local Board”), upon recommendation of the College President, shall approve the names for the college’s facilities. In those cases where college facilities have been named prior to the implementation of this policy, the names shall be considered to have been so adopted.

College facilities may be named after individuals who have provided significant service to Southside Virginia Community College or the communities it serves. Facilities may also be named in recognition of private sector or corporate giving to support the college. Such recognition will occur after the gift has been received rather than on a prospective basis.

Individuals employed within the Virginia Community College System or serving on the Southside Virginia Community College Local Board or the State Board for Community Colleges are not eligible for such recognition. A separation from such employment or service of at least one month is a prerequisite for eligibility for the recognition afforded by a facility naming.

Naming of New or Un-Named Buildings

The following rules will be applied in the naming (for individuals, corporations, or foundations) of academic programs, centers, institutes, departments, physical structures, or parts thereof, on the Southside Virginia Community College grounds or property owned by the Southside Virginia Community College Educational Foundation if used by the College. It includes buildings, portions of buildings (such as classrooms, auditorium, foyer, library) collections of buildings, monuments, fields, open air courtyards, and other outdoor areas.

For new facilities, 51% of the cost of construction will be required for a contributor to name the facility. For existing facilities, the President, with input from the President’s Staff, will establish a list of naming opportunities and required donation amounts based on the size and prominence of spaces. In all cases, names suggested should bring distinction and honor to the College and be consistent with the tradition and purposes of the College. When naming a facility, consideration should be given to valued associations with the College such as teachers, administrators, or distinguished and supportive alumni and donors.

Right to Re-Name

In the case of naming opportunities, Southside Virginia Community College reserves the right to re-name its programs and facilities, in the event of unusual or compelling circumstances, at all times. The College, at the discretion of its Local Board, may exercise this option if a designated name, in its judgment, should bring discredit upon the College. In the event of such re-naming, the College shall have no financial responsibility, despite anything that may be stated or implied to the contrary.

Procedures for Naming

Whenever a name is to be given to an academic program, center, institute, department, physical structure, or parts thereof, as described above, whether new or already existing, the President, or his designee, shall either (1) refer a proposed name to the President’s Staff with a request that the President’s Staff make a recommendation as to the suitability thereof, or (2) request the President’s Staff to suggest a suitable name.

The President’s Staff shall make its report promptly in writing to the President indicating whether the President’s Staff believes any proposed name or names to be appropriate or inappropriate for the purpose intended and shall state the reasons for its recommendation.

Names for new or existing buildings and structures, academic programs, centers, institutes or departments shall be forwarded to the Local Board for final approval. Naming opportunities that result from a pledge/commitment or bequest intention for a donor (or donors) shall not be forwarded to the Local Board until the full amount of the financial contribution has been received.