Alumni Spotlight - Belinda Dickerson

SVCC Alumni Spotlight
Ms. DickersonBelinda Dickerson grew up near Emporia, Virginia helping her grandparents farm tobacco, peanuts, corn and cotton. She dropped out of school at the age of sixteen. But, after much pushing and encouragement from a brother, she returned to school at the age of thirty to earn her GED.

Belinda enrolled in Southside Virginia Community College, and earned an Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology. After SVCC, she transferred to Old Dominion University and completed her Bachelor of Science. Belinda also earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University.

In addition to being the published author of Controversies Quieted by the Sword, she has made two southern and bluegrass gospel music C.D.s with her family, The Butler Family. Belinda is also a Bible teacher and volunteers for her ministry, "Searching for God's Truth." She is a homemaker and has been married to her husband Tim for twenty-two years.

Belinda feels SVCC "lit the fire" and says, "No matter how strongly one may feel that you can't learn, no matter how much elementary, middle school, or high school education you may have missed; there is always the encouraging personnel at SVCC who are willing to stand along with you as long as you are willing to put forth the effort to learn." She encourages students to, "Make the choice, stand strong, face the responsibility of who you are and be who you are deemed to be --- YOU!"

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