Alumni Spotlight - Claudia Taylor

SVCC Alumni Spotlight
Claudia Taylor graduated from J. R. Tucker High School in Richmond, Virginia. Her mother was in the military so she has lived in many places. Claudia decided that she wanted to move to a community that was small and a place she could call home. She moved to Crewe and has never looked back.

Ms. TaylorClaudia graduated from the SVCC Practical Nursing Program in December of 2013 and continued on to receive her Associate of Applied Science degree in May of 2016. She is employed as a registered nurse at Chippingham Hospital on the Trauma Medical Surgical Unit and loves her job.

She believes that one of the most important things she learned as a nursing student at SVCC is to think outside of the box. She sometimes felt frustrated at constantly being encouraged by faculty to look beyond the obvious. But now that she is a nurse in a busy environment, she realizes the great value of that training.

Claudia's life is busy. She has three children (ages 18, 9 and 4), works full-time and plans to continue her education at VCU in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

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