Alumni Spotlight - Devon Clary


Devon Clary







Devon Clary grew up in Gasburg, Virginia and graduated from Brunswick Academy. She earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences in General Studies from Southside Virginia Community College.


After graduation from SVCC, Devon transferred to Old Dominion University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Continuing her education, she earned a Master of Science degree in Vocational Education from East Carolina University. In addition to her degrees, Devon completed the National Registered Paramedic program at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Critical Care Paramedic program from University of Maryland.


After leaving SVCC, Devon worked at Halifax Community College as an Office Manager and Outreach Specialist for the federal TRIO program before leaving to gain experience in emergency telecommunications at Richmond Ambulance Authority. She eventually became the first E911 Coordinator for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office and works there today as the Director of Emergency Communications.


In addition to her professional career, Devon is also a member of Central Lifesaving and Rescue Squad, having served as vice president, president, and on the Board of Directors. She also speaks at statewide events about the mental health challenges facing public safety professionals.


Speaking on her time at SVCC, Devon says, "I learned professional skills such as communicating in writing, professional etiquette, organizing and managing tasks, and most importantly leadership from Sheila Harper and the late Rosa Hawkins. The mentorship of these ladies, along with other faculty and staff members, provided a skillset to complement my education, that I still use today. Faculty and staff demonstrated care and compassion while helping me meet my educational goals and supported me every step of the way. The relationship I formed with many faculty and staff members are still present today, 19 years post-graduation. "


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