Alumni Spotlight - Helen Lin


Helen Lin







Helen Lin grew up in Keysville, Virginia and graduated from Randolph-Henry High School. Throughout high school, Helen took Southside Virginia Community College's dual enrollment classes at Randolph-Henry, and attended the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia in her junior and senior years. Helen said, “I chose to take classes through SVCC because those were the highest level of classes I could take, and I wanted to be better prepared for college.” She graduated from SVCC in 2017, a few weeks before high school graduation, with an Associate of Arts and Sciences in science. Helen is not only a first-generation American, but she is now a first-generation college graduate as well.


Since graduating from SVCC, Helen has been attending the University of Virginia and is pursuing a double major in economics and East Asian studies. While at UVA, Helen says, "I have been a part of numerous organizations and currently serve on the executive board for Rise Together, a non-profit organization that mentors middle and high school students in the Charlottesville area. I also volunteer as an ESL (English as a second language) teaching assistant. In the past, I served as one of the co-presidents of Hope on Grounds, an organization at UVA, that was dedicated to fighting sexual assault as well as counseling victims of sexual assault. I was also involved with the Asian Student Union at UVA and was a part of its APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) committee that worked to promote Asian heritage and bring attention to problems within the Asian community.”


Helen is an intern at Rise Together, where she mentors middle and high school students who struggle financially and/or will be first-generation college students. She also is helping to create a curriculum to be used in classes for the students Rise Together mentors.


After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2020, Helen plans to pursue a career in either finance or banking.


Looking back, Helen says, “My time at SVCC played a big role in preparing me for a four-year university. If you have the opportunity to take classes at SVCC, do it! Most of my classes from SVCC transferred to UVA, allowed me to take a smaller course load since most of my general education classes were already out of the way, and are allowing me to graduate a year early.”



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