Alumni Spotlight - Jody Lynn Ziegler


Jody Lynn Ziegler







Jody Lynn Ziegler, a graduate of Keystone Jr.-Sr. High School in Knox, Pennsylvania, relocated to Virginia and attended Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC), where she earned an Associate of Applied Science in nursing. Jody says, "I chose to attend SVCC because I liked the layout of their nursing program, it was close to home, and their Student Services were by far the most informative and friendly while comparing schools."

Since graduating from SVCC in May of 2019, Jody has been completing additional training with her Virginia Air National Guard (VaANG) unit at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. She has served in the U.S. Air Force for almost 17 years and will be deployed overseas for six months this summer. In addition to being a Technical Sergeant (E-6) and Drill Status Guardsman for VaANG, she is currently employed by Centra Southside Virginia Community Hospital, where she works as a Unit Support Associate in its Birth Center.


In the future, Jody plans to further her education by completing a bachelor's degree in nursing and eventually becoming a certified nurse-midwife


When asked to reflect on her experience at SVCC, Jody responds, "I enjoyed my time as a nursing student at SVCC, and it opened up a lot of doors in the medical community! Nursing is a very challenging and demanding program. However, the college provides so many tools to help you be successful! My class worked hard, stuck together, and made it through together. Our motto was 'Hustle and heart is what sets us apart.' I look forward to starting my career in nursing after I complete a 6-month deployment for my VaANG unit. I was able to get a good foundation at SVCC and will be well prepared to take my state boards!"



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