Alumni Spotlight - Joshua Worrell


Joshua Worrell


Joshua Worrell, a homeschool graduate from Nottoway County, earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from Southside Virginia Community College.  

After graduating from SVCC, Josh transferred to Virginia Tech and completed a Bachelors of Political Science with a Pre-Law focus.  Upon completion of that degree, he moved back home to look for positions in his field.  

Josh is now the Director of Transportation for the Town of Blackstone as well as the Transit Manager for the Blackstone Area Bus System.  He plans to enroll in a graduate program centered on public administration with an ultimate goal of being elected to a public office.


Josh advises all students seeking higher education to take advantage of community college, not just for the cost savings but also for "a more personal hands-on atmosphere with professors and staff than it would be at a high population university. While a student at SVCC, I developed relationships with my fellow students and the SVCC faculty and staff. In doing so, I greatly improved my odds of becoming successful in school. I encourage all students to create similar relationships and to be engaged and involved with your community in order to better and enrich lives."