Alumni Spotlight: Michael Gallagher

Alumni Spotlihjt
In 2011, Michael Gallagher moved to South Hill, VA with the intention of applying to SVCC’s nursing program.  The idea of a career in healing others appealed to him.  After a year of prerequisites, he was Mr. Gallagheraccepted into the RN program.  He had not imagined the intensity of nursing school and he admits that at times the stress of a rigorous schedule and the hours of studying seemed to be too much. Michael now realizes the importance of such a demanding program, acknowledging the stress and rigorous schedule prepared him for the demands of working in a hospital by teaching him how to manage his time on the floor. He states, “the hours of studying helped me understand that if you want the responsibility of somebody else’s life in your hands, then you have to earn it!”

Graduating from SVCC in 2014, Gallagher accepted a job at VCU-CMH on the telemetry unit, where he was invited to join the critical care team.  He now represents the medical surgical/telemetry unit on that committee.  Currently, he is working toward a BSN through ODU’s distance learning program at SVCC, with graduate school in mind.

Michael’s education and training isn’t limited to the hospital and school. This August, he will travel to Honduras to bring medicine to remote villages, which he views as an honor.  “Many doors and opportunities have already opened for me and it hasn’t even been a year since graduation. Nursing has been everything I had hoped it would be and more”.