Alumni Spotlight - Susan Baugh Lenhart

SVCC Alumni Spotlight
From Fort Mitchell, Virginia and a Central of Lunenburg High School  graduate, Susan Lenhart earned her Associate's degree from Southside Virginia Community College.
Ms, LenhartSusan attended Virginia Commonwealth University for two semesters after high school before circumstances, including her mother's struggle with cancer, forced her to return home.  After her mother's passing, Susan's father supported her return to school, this time at SVCC.  She entered the college's community and, as she puts it, "a world of academic excellence," taking every course she could toward transferring to Longwood College's (now University) four-year degree in English.  After her graduation from SVCC, she did transfer and complete a Bachelor's degree at Longwood.
Susan taught in Virginia Public schools for thirty years.  Eleven of those years were teaching English at Park View Middle School. The next eighteen years were spent teaching at Central of Lunenburg High School. She then taught for six years in North Carolina before returning to Virginia to teach dual enrollment English and SAT Prep at Kenston Forest School.  This year marks 39 years in the teaching profession that she loves.
Of her SVCC experience Susan says, "I will be eternally indebted to the Virginia Community College System, and the John H. Daniel Campus of Southside Virginia Community College, for laying the groundwork for a marvelous life. In the halls, I gained the confidence to dream, to mature academically, to break into the world of academia, and to come into my own on my home turf. My advice to potential students is to be bold in your action and foster confidence in yourself. SVCC offers a stepping stone to every aspiration possible. Do not sell yourself short; go forth and do great things."
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