Alumni Spotlight - Tiara Mustafa


Tiara Mustafa







After graduating from Brunswick High School, Tiara Mustafa had a portfolio ready with every intention of studying fashion abroad. Then, as life would have it, she changed directions to enroll at Southside Virginia Community College and graduate with an Associate of Arts and Sciences in general studies.

Tiara says the decision to attend SVCC was one she would not regret, giving her the time she needed for "finding" herself. She continues, "When I first got to SVCC, I couldn't wait to graduate. I went to class and then home. I never stuck around to make friends or anything. Then I made friends and you couldn't keep us off the campus! Seriously, we would be there until they cut the lights off!"


Tiara is now a full-time musician and just released a music video, which can be seen here. "Fashion is near and dear to my heart but music has always been what makes my spirit happy. Who knows where our music career would have landed had I went abroad to study fashion."



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