College For A Day - November 3rd

Area High School seniors are invited to participate in our Fall 2017 College For A Day Open House. Visiting students will have the opportunity to meet our great students, faculty and staff, as well as participate in engaging lecture demos and information sessions.
college flyer
  • Agribusiness and Business               Tom Scales
  • Nontraditional Careers                      Dr. Chad Patton
  • Life of a Lineman                              Pam Taylor
  • Health Careers                                  Rebecca Laben
  • Transfer Champions                         Tonia Talbott
  • Student Activities                              Le'Tina Giles
  • Student Success                               Bernadette Battle
  • Comprehensive Learning Center      Shayna Kendall
  • Funding College                                Sally Tharrington
  • AST & IT  Are Here                            Crystal Jones 
  • Truck Driving                                      Duncan Quicke
Students will also learn about several college resources:
Resource Tables
  • Foundation Office                              Donna Worley
  • Learning Resource Center                Marika Peterson
  • Old Dominion University                    Tawanda Dugger
  • WIOA                                                 Monica McMillan
  • Great Expectations                            Mora de Silva
  • Off-Campus Locations                       Susan Early, Erica Randolph & LaDelta William
Southside Virginia Community College
Christanna Campus
Vondrenna N. Smithers