Emergency Response Simulation

An Emergency Response Simulaton was held in Chase City recently for SVCC Paramdeic students and Associate Degree Nursing Students. The realisitic simulated car wreck – car (driver is a standardized patient playing the role) vs. 5 year old (manikin) in the parking lot.

Paramedic students were to triage, treat per protocol on scene, and transport to ER.

The 5 bed skills lab was set up to be the ER. Our patients in the ER will be the 2 car wreck victims – the car driver who is exhibiting stroke symptoms; and the 5 year old who happens to have diabetes and is hypoglycemic. There will be three more patients in the ER – one with chest pain (manikin); one with substance abuse & psych issues (standardized patient); and one with late stage COPD (manikin). All of the SVCC ADN and paramedic students took part in this simulation.

Ann Bishop, RN and Center for Nursing Excellence Associate Director says, “An event like this provides an opportunity for health professions students to practice thinking on their feet in a fictional emergency situation. The patient conditions will mimic scenarios that happen in real emergency rooms every day.”

car wreck simulation