Graduates from Truck Driver Training

Southside Virginia Community College students  recently completed the Truck Driver Training Program in South Boston.  Duncan Quicke (Far left, back row) Coordinator of the TDTS is shown with graduation speaker David Boyer (Back Row, to left of Quicke), ATA Road Team Captain and Driver for ABF.

Students are (Left to Right) Manuel Ibarra (Halifax), Jeffrey Throckmorton (Roxboro, NC), Casey Doss (South Boston), Omonteez Davis (South Hill), Andra' Clark (Boydton), Michael Bouldin, Sr. (Chase City), back with striped shirt Clyde Hubbard (Nathalie), Derrice Lee (Meherrin), John Palmer and Detra Carr Instructors. 

For information about upcoming classes, contact Susan Early at 434 292 3101.

Graduates from truck driving program