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Alumni Spotlight - Alivia Dunn

A Randolph-Henry High School graduate, Alivia Dunn grew up in Keysville, Virginia. In her journey to prepare for a four-year university, she attended Southside Virginia Community College and earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Administration of Justice as well as a Career Studies Certificate in Agribusiness.

SVCC’s Johnny Paws Is One of Many College Mascots

Fall is the time to meet the mascots at some of your favorite colleges such as Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State, HokieBird of Virginia Tech, the Trojan of Virginia State, Smokey of the University of Tennessee, and of course, Johnny Paws of Southside Virginia Community College. Paws was born on January 1, 2013, and named by a student who won a contest and in honor of then SVCC President John Cavan.


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