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Alumni Spotlight - Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor grew up in Lawrenceville, VA and continues to make Lawrenceville his home. However, he sure has gotten around!

Daniel graduated from Southside Virginia Community College's Truck Driver Training School in August 2008. After graduation, he drove long-haul for the same company for four years. He saw beautiful sunsets and sunrises, ate different foods popular in various parts of the country and met many different people.

Emergency Response Simulation

An Emergency Response Simulaton was held in Chase City recently for SVCC Paramdeic students and Associate Degree Nursing Students. The realisitic simulated car wreck – car (driver is a standardized patient playing the role) vs. 5 year old (manikin) in the parking lot.

Paramedic students were to triage, treat per protocol on scene, and transport to ER.


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