New Members of Phi Theta Kappa

The Phi Theta Kappa Chapter of the Christanna Campus in Alberta, Southside Virginia Community College held an induction ceremony recently to welcome new members.  Membership is extended by invitation and to be considered a student must be enrolled in a two-year college, have accumulated 12 semester credit hours, have achieved a cumulative gpa of not less than 3.5 and exhibit good citizenship.  

New inductees are:

(Front Row, Left to Right) Latonya Harris of LaCrosse, Jamisen Baskerville of Lawrenceville, Kayla Jackson of Lawrenceville, Trinity Harrison of Lawrenceville, Jayla Seward of Lawrenceville, Jenel Lynch of LaCrosse, Beatrice Thomas-Toone of Baskerville, Amelia Paulette of Blackstone, Kristie Lynne Tuck of Virgilina, Chelsey Lynn Suggs of Blackstone, Rachel Leach of Emporia, Katrina Dix of LaCrosse, Edwin Winfield of Brodnax and

(Second Row, L to R) Shalonda Moore of Dolphin, Desiray Bennett of Blackridge, Christopher Cousin of South Hill, Matthew Jones of South Hill, Raven Stigall of Blackstone, Taylour Edmonds of Kenbridge, Lauren Seitzinger of Kenbridge, Steven Carrol of South Hill, Damien Taylor of South Hill, Catandra Chavis of LaCrosse, Tiffani Livingston of White Plains, Brandi Bennett of South Hill and

(Back Row, L to R)  Marsha Hays of Freeman,  Sheryl Valentine of Petersburg, Antwaun Tucker of Chase City, Daylan Owens of Lawrenceville, Gareetta Johnson of Lawrenceville, Aaron Flynn of Chase City, James Gillispie III of South Hill, Tyler Johnson of Lawrenceville, Victoria Wallace-Williams of Lawrenceville, Katherine Gurkin of Lawrenceville, Leslie Edwards of Drewryville, A'nyah McCrae of Lawrenceville and Angel Clark of LaCrosse.

New members of PTK