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Determined Learner Recognized at SVCC

Just three weeks shy of her 80th birthday, Charlotte County resident Mary Hayes was honored by the Adult Education program based at Southside Virginia Community College.  Mrs. Hayes has been a dedicated student in the program's class and was awarded the "Lifelong Learner's Award" for her commitment to continuous self-improvement and education. 

Mora daSilva, Lead Teacher, presented the award and praised her saying, "Mary is an example to all of our students as well as the teachers.  We should all strive to continue learning throughout our lives." 

Alumni Spotlight - Melissa Jones

Brunswick County, Virginia native Melissa Jones graduated from Brunswick Senior High School before attending Southside Virginia Community College. Within a few years of high school, she earned certificates in phlebotomy and practical nursing. SVCC's close proximity to her home and work allowed Melissa to return to the College several years later to complete her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing.

Alumni Spotlight - Megan Devin

While Randolph-Henry High School student from Wylliesburg, Virginia, Megan Devin attended the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia at Southside Virginia Community College. After earning her Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from SVCC the same year she graduated high school, Megan transferred to Longwood University.


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