Nurse Aide Certification Programs Being Offered

Nurse Aide Certification Programs Being Offered by SVCC Workforce Development

Nurse Aide Certification Programs are being offered in various, convenient locations in Southside Virginia during January and February.  These classes prepare students for becoming certified as nurse aides and many jobs are available in this field.  Students are required to obtain an updated PPD, flu shot, and appropriate scrubs for clinical site.  Criminal background checks are required. 

Cost is $2,100 with FastForward Credentials for a Career that Matters being able to help pay tuition costs for qualifying Virginians.  Additional scholarships may also be available. 

The first offering begins Tuesday, January 22, 2019 in Farmville, Virginia.  This class runs through Monday, March 4, 2019.  Another class will be offered in Chase City at the Estes Community Center beginning Monday February 4, 2019 and running through Wednesday, March 20, 1019.  Beginning Monday, February 11, 2019, there will be a class offered in South Boston and this class runs through Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

For information, contact Wanda Vaughan at or call

434-736-2093 for Farmville and Keysville and for South Boston, contact Kathy Whitt at or call 434-572-5453.