Nursing Students

Southside Virginia Community College Associate Degree Nursing students received their nursing pins in a ceremony held May 6.

Students from the South Boston

Students from the South Boston program are (Front row L to R: )Joni Long from Clover, VA; Anthony Wright from Clays Mill, VA; Cynthia Knott from Clarksville, VA; Heather Ragsdale from Nathalie, VA; Back row L to R: Valerie Bush from South Boston VA; Kacee Crews from South Boston, VA;  Venessa Oulds from Vernon Hill, VA; Brandy Anderson from South Boston, VA; Sallie Bennett-Settle from Scottsburg, VA; Charlotte Mills Smith from Scottsburg, VA; Brenda Landrum from South Boston, VA.


Nursing students in Keysville

Students from the John H. Daniel Campus who have successfully completed the program and are eligible to take the State Boards to become Registered Nurses are 

(Row one (beginning at the bottom)
Jessica Loftis - Keysville
Melissa Penland - Lunenburg
ShaBrina Perkins - Farmville
Tiffany Watlington - Farmville
Kimberly Wilkinson - Red Oak
Kathryn Felts - Crewe
Row two:
Jennifer Gittman - Amelia
Carolyn Hoyle - Keysville
Donna Herman - Rice
Crista Hurt - Farmville

Row Three:
Rachelle Boe - Keysville
Sheri Lupo - Amelia
Chasmene Murray - Cullen
Victoria McEntyre - Kenbridge

Row four:
Sarah Ferguson - Meherrin
Sarah Wenger - Blackstone
Jennifer Claybrook - Concord
Christine Gee - Keysville
Cathy Trzcinski - Phenix
Samara Witt - Farmville

Southside Virginia Community College recognized Associate Degree Nursing students with a Pinning Ceremony held on May 6, 2014.  These students have successfully completed the program and are now eligible to take the State Board to become Registered Nurses.  
Nursing Students
The students from the Christanna Campus Program are (Front Row, Left to Right) Lisa Smith of Kenbridge, Kristina Chapman of South Hill, Jessica Sargent of Blackstone, Cindy Choate of Bracey, (Second row L to R) Melissa McCarthy of La Crosse, Jenea Bennett of South Hill, Miriam Ridout of Bracey, Debra Atkins of Victoria and (Third row, L to R) Sherry Barnette of Brodnax, Ashley Jackson of Boydton, Peggy Carter of Baskerville, Brittney Turner of Emporia and Back Row, l to r Chad Carter of Baskerville, Shauna Robertson of Lawrenceville, Tracey Mays of Warfield and Michael Gallagher of South Hill.