SVCC Alumni Spotlight - Tracey Teagan

SVCC Alumni Spotlight
Ms. TeaganWhen Tracey Teagan came to Southside Virginia Community College, she already had her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She was working full time for Halifax County Department of Social Services as a Benefit Program Specialist, but was looking for a source of part-time income that would work with her full time schedule. When her massage therapist told her that she needed help in her practice and thought Tracey might enjoy learning about the practice of massage therapy, Tracey liked the idea and enrolled in SVCC's Massage Therapy program.

She admits, "The first semester was grueling! My undergraduate and graduate work were in the social sciences so I had absolutely no medical training or background. Learning anatomy and the various systems that make up the functioning of our body was both daunting and fascinating. But I was determined to learn what I needed to be an effective massage therapist and although I spent most weekends studying that fall, it paid off.... I enjoy giving the gift of relaxation and pain relief to my clients".

After completing the program and becoming licensed, Tracey joined the practice of Certified Massage Therapist Elizabeth Talley and has maintained her full time position with Social Services.

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