SVCC Celebrates Forever Heroes and The U.S. Constitution

This semester of Student Activities features cultural, entertainment, and awareness programming.   One of our most recent events included a mixture of all three!  Our first awareness program was held on September 11th in honor of Patriots Day.  The Christanna Campus honored our local first responders who serve with the local Fire and EMS Departments with Thank You notes signed by SVCC students, faculty and staff. Holiday Cards were also signed to be sent to military members overseas.   The Daniel Campus program in honor of September 11th included a cookout, blood drive, and human bowling. We successfully collected 28 units at the blood drive. Human bowling was an exciting event and students enjoyed pushing their friends in the large sphere.  The cookout was another social opportunity for students and staff which featured BBQ from a local restaurant called Baudeux’s.

In celebration, of Constitution Day both campuses held trivia game shows. On the Christanna Campus, Student Activities along with the Criminal Justice Club hosted "Do You Know Your Rights w/ Dr. James Taylor." This game show consisted of 4 teams that paired descriptions of key amendments to the correct amendment number. The game was followed by an explanation of the amendments from Administration of Justice Professor and Criminal Justice Club Advisor, Dr. James Taylor. Several of the participants won cash! Meanwhile the Daniel Campus held two game shows in which students played on teams to answer constitution trivia. Winning teams won money and bragging rights!

All Student Activities are free to current SVCC students.  If you have any questions about upcoming events or would like more information please contact the Student Activities Coordinator on your campus. Vondrenna Smithers on the Christanna Campus can be contacted at or by phone at 434-949-1028. Le'Tina Giles on the Daniel campus may be reached at 434-736-2023 or by email at

The next student activity to be held on both campuses will be Stamp-A-Ring.  On Monday, October 6th stop by the Club Room during the hours of 1:00PM to 5:00PM to get your personalized ring during the Stamp-A-Ring program. This event will be on the Christanna campus on October 7th from 1:00PM to 5:00PM in the Student Lounge.  For a full calendar and list of active clubs visit our website at

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