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Tuition and fees begins Fall 2018  (Download as a .pdf)

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Deadlines Fall2018

  • 16-Week, First 8 Week Session, 4W1 Session Classes Begin: August 20
  • Fall Tuition Due: July 26, August 3, August 10, August 15, August 17, August 20, August 21, August 22, August 23, August 24, August 27, August 30, September 6, September 13, September 20, September 27
  • Drop Dates for Fall: July 26, August 3, August 10, August 15, August 17, August 20, August 21, August 22, August 23, August 24, August 27, August 30, September 6, September 13, September 20, September 27
  • Registration is not completed until your tuition and fees are paid
  • Last day to drop with refund for 1st 4-Week Session Classes: August 24
  • Last day to drop with refund for 1st 8-Week Session Classes: August 27
  • Last Day to set up tuition payment plan for Fall Session: August 27 (for more information see the Tuition Payment Plan page).
  • Last day to drop with refund for 16-Week Regular Session Classes:  September 6
  • Last day to drop with refund for 2 4-Week Session Classes: September 21
  • Last day to drop with refund for 12-Week Session Classes: September 24
  • Last day to drop with refund for 10-Week Session Classes: October 4
  • Last day to drop with refund for 3 4-Week Session Classes: October 19
  • Last day to drop with refund for 2nd 8-Week Session Classes: October 23
  • Last day to drop with refund for 4 4-Week Session Classes: November 16
  • Students are able to pay tuition and fees online through the Student Center.
  • Students can set up authorized payers to pay online payments.
  • Students and Authorized Payers are able to set up and save payment profiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Business Office Fact Sheet 2016-2017


Refund 2 Card

For more information about the Refund 2 Card system of electronic financial aid disbursements and tuition refunds, go to our Refund 2 Card Information page.


Refund Policy

Students shall be eligible for a refund for those credit hours dropped during the add/drop period for the session. The refund will be at the full credit rate. After the add/drop period has passed, there will be no refunds except as provided below in extenuating circumstances. This deadline should not be confused with the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. For the standard semester, the last day to drop with refund is published in the college calendar. Refunds are issued to the registrant only. In order to be eligible for refund under any of the circumstances set forth in the foregoing paragraph, a student must execute an official drop form at the college or drop classes on the internet using the VCCS Student Information System (SIS) by refund dates published by academic term.  Full refunds will be made when a course is canceled by the college.

Official withdrawal for a student shall become effective on the date that written notification is received by the Office of Admissions and Records or the date the student drops the course(s) online using the VCCS SIS.  The official withdrawal date is not the date of the last class attended unless the two dates coincide. Requests for course withdrawals should be presented in person or by the student’s authorized representative whenever possible.  Students, not the college, are responsible for making contact with instructors except in extreme circumstances.  

All services shall be withheld from a student who owes money to the college or the college bookstore for any reason or who has books or materials outstanding from the college.

The college is authorized to issue a tuition refund based only on the following:  (1) administrative error, (2) documented extenuating circumstances (e.g., major medical emergency, extreme financial hardship, death of an immediate family member, etc.), or (3) a national emergency or mobilization declared by the President of the United States and in accordance with Section 23-9.6.2 of the Code of Virginia.   If a tuition refund is required as a result of actions of the college, the student may be granted a tuition refund notwithstanding earlier provisions of the section.  In addition, if a tuition refund is required due to a highly unusual emergency or extenuating circumstance, any such refund shall be approved in writing by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Services or his/her designee.

If you have questions about the refund policy, contact the Admissions and Records Office. Students receiving any type of federal financial aid should also see the Title IV Refund Policy in the Financial Aid section of this catalog


Tuition Refunds for Military Students Only

According to VCCS policy (a), should a student be ordered to active duty (for reservists) or be mobilized (active military) as described in the Code of Virginia, Section 23-9.6:2, and he/she requests to be withdrawn from the college after the census date, the student may elect either to be deleted from the registration file and be awarded a full refund or to be administratively withdrawn with no refund and assigned a grade of "W". The college shall provide, at the option of the student, for such refunds to be retained and to be applicable to tuition and fees charged in the semester or term in which the student returns to study.
Military students requesting to be deleted from file or administratively withdrawn after the final drop date must contact the Admissions and Records Office (A & R) for the proper procedures and paperwork that must be submitted. The tuition refund/debt removal request process is outlined below.
Military students wishing to be deleted or administratively withdrawn after the final refund date must complete the delete/withdrawal process.

  • The military student goes to the A&R Office or nearest SVCC location to complete the add/drop form indicating preference for delete or withdrawal, and provides a copy of military orders requiring the change in enrollment.
  • Military students with financial aid will be required to communicate with a financial aid representative to discuss implications.  Military students with veteran's benefits will be required to communicate with the Veterans Affairs representative to discuss implications.  The financial aid representative and Veteran's Affairs representative will initial the add/drop form to verify that those funds were not used for tuition payment.

The A & R office verifies that appropriate documentation and signatures are in place before processing the delete or withdrawal.  If a refund is involved, the documentation will be sent to the business office for processing.