Alumni Spotlight - Sharon Adams

SVCC Alumni Spotlight

Sharon Adams graduated from Greensville County High School with a diploma and as a Nurse Aide. She earned her Practical Nursing license a short time later and was employed by Greensville Memorial Hospital. In an effort to advance and improve her employability, Sharon made the decision to enter Southside Virginia Community College's Registered Nursing program.

Ms. AdamsAt that time, the first year was completed at SVCC then students transferred to J. Sargent Reynolds Community College in Richmond to complete the program. Sharon made the 120 round-trip commute every day in order to graduate.

Employed as an RN since graduating in 1998, Sharon continued her education and earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from St. Paul's College and a Master's degree in Adult Education/Curriculum from Central Michigan University.

Sharon is currently employed by Kenner Army Health Clinic at Fort Lee, Virginia as a nursing care coordinator, providing care to members of all branches of the military.

She'll never forget the person who had the most influence on her life as a college student at SVCC, Professor Bill Hightower. Upon meeting him, "he told me that he was going to prepare me for nursing school because he was the 'gatekeeper' for the nursing program. He told me if I could make it through his classes, I would do just One in nursing school. He was right"!

Sharon reflected, "With my educational journey that started at SVCC, I believe that I have been prepared for this lasting journey in the nursing profession".

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