Alumni Spotlight - Zeb Elliott

Zeb Elliott



Zeb Elliott, a graduate of Park View High School, also graduated from Southside Virginia Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology, taking advantage of the dual enrollment program offered through Mecklenburg County Public Schools. He transferred to James Madison University, completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in IT, and 5 years later received his master's in IT, also from JMU. While working as the Director of Technical Services for VCU Health, he is pursuing his doctoral degree in Business Administration & Healthcare Management through Liberty University.  

Zeb served as a firefighter/EMT for six years, ran his own food truck, and worked in various technology leadership roles including telecommunications, transit, and healthcare. He has the goal to one day become the Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer of a large healthcare organization.  

According to Zeb, “SVCC provides students a very unique opportunity to receive a solid educational foundation to build upon. Community college instructors, in my experience, provide a much different experience than you may receive in a larger university. The class sizes are smaller, they often know you and you know them from the community; and, they are truly interested in your ability to learn and grow. It also helps you to build your network and develop contacts and friends that may be very useful to have later in life."

He continues, "I believe wholeheartedly that SVCC can help you prepare. It just requires some self-reflection and understanding that you are now in a competitive global workplace where you have to set yourself apart from the rest to achieve the jobs and roles that matter most to you. Once you understand what you want, SVCC's counselors, advisors, and faculty members can help you chart a path to achieving that success!”

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