Alumni Spotlight - Molly Jean Buchholz

Molly Jean Buchholz


 “I love small towns, small classes and friendly faces,” said Molly Jean Buchholz, a Southside Virginia Community College graduate with a tremendous amount of experience here. She holds both an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and Associate's Degree in Nursing from SVCC.

“I began at SVCC in high school completing both dual enrollment and Governor's school courses. I began the nursing program immediately after graduating in 2014 and completed with my Associate's Degree in 2017,” she said.

A native of LaCrosse, Virginia and alum of Park View High School, she works as a Registered Nurse at Southside Regional Medical Center (SRMC) and Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center (SVRMC). She works on a medical/surgical oncology floor and is currently obtaining the chemo administration certificate and has recently completed preceptor classes to train the upcoming new RNs.

In talking about her choice of SVCC, she said, “I have always heard great things about the classes--in particular how involved the instructors were with their students and how they had a 100% pass rate for NCLEX! Knowing how warm and welcoming the staff was during my high school years, this college was a second home to me!”

Buchholz said, “The instructors were always on my side and made every effort to make sure I reached my goals. They were very community-oriented and we completed numerous projects to give back to the community! I felt a part of something bigger than me but also knew that everyone surrounding me wanted me to become that "something big" and did their very best to ensure I got there. It was tough but they made me prepared for the real world and when I began at SRMC I hit the ground running! I felt very comfortable in new surrounding thanks to the experiences and preparation provided to me by SVCC.”

About the future, she said, “I would like to transition to either ICU or an outpatient oncology clinic! I will also obtain my Bachelor’s degree sometime soon as well as a certification in critical care or oncology depending on the path I choose (or that chooses me!). “

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