Guaranteed Admission Agreements - RN to BSN or MSN

VCCS has agreements with the following institutions, giving our ADN graduates many good options to further their education in the field of Nursing.

  ·        Bluefield College – RN to BSN – VCCS nursing graduates must have obtained licensure and be working as a nurse to pursue their BSN with BC.  The RN to BSN program may be completed in three academic semesters and is done online, except for two clinicals. The BC School of Nursing utilizes a Preceptor Model, which provides the clinical in the student’s area of residence. Full Bluefield College-VCCS Agreement available here.

           ECPI University - RN to BSN -  VCCS students must graduate with an associate’s degree in nursing from a Virginia Community College within five years of his/her application to ECPI and meet all of the ECPI admission requirements. Full ECPI-VCCS Agreement available here.

·         George Washington University – RN to BSN – Available to VCCS students that graduated from a NLNAC accredited program, have obtained licensure, and are working as a nurse. After receiving credit for their VCCS coursework and a work portfolio review, they will have 21 credits remaining at GWU. Students who complete the BSN online program with a 3.0 or higher may enter GWU’s MSN program, having already completed 12 graduate level credits. Full GWU-VCCS Agreement available here.

          Longwood University - RN to BSN - Available to VCCS students who graduated from an ADN program with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and at least 6 months experience working as a RN. Between 60 and 90 credits earned within the AAS degree will be applicable toward the Longwood BSN degree. Full Agreement document available here.

          Lynchburg College – RN to MSN - VCCS nursing graduates must have obtained licensure and have two years of nursing experience prior to entering the MSN coursework.  The LC RN to MSN is an online program.  The MSN coursework may be completed in four semesters. Full Lynchburg College-VCCS Agreement available here.

          Radford University - The agreement provides a pathway for students to progress from the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree directly to the Registered Nurse – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) program at Radford University. VCCS students who do not meet the terms described herein may still apply and will be considered for admission, although admission is not guaranteed.  To be guaranteed admission under this GAA, a VCCS student must: 1. Earn a VCCS associate of applied science (AAS) degree in Nursing. 2. Provide evidence of a current, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the U.S, and 6 months of nursing experience (full-time or part-time). 3. Provide evidence of current employment in a position that requires use of nursing knowledge and expertise at the time of application and enrollment. Full Radford-VCCS Agreement is available here.

         University of Virginia - RN to BSN - Students must have completed their ADN program and licensure within 5 years prior to matriculating to UVa. Cumulative GPA on VCCS Coursework must be 3.4 or higher. Application deadline is March 1 for the program beginning in fall of each year. Full UVa-VCCS Agreement is available here.

·        Western Governors University – RN to BSN – VCCS nursing graduates must have obtained licensure and be currently employment in a position that requires nursing knowledge to pursue a BSN with WGU. The program is done online and coursework may be completed in less than three terms. Full WGU-VCCS Agreement is available here.

        Old Dominion University – Old Dominion University has been pleased to offer its RN-to-BSN distance learning program for many years, in partnership with the Virginia Community College System and also specifically with the SVCC campuses in Alberta and Keysville along with the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston. Because ODU's general education requirements exceed those required within the RN degree program at the community college, the information below can hopefully help identify additional course needs that will need to be met prior to enrolling in ODU's RN-to-BSN program. See more details below.


SVCC also has a guaranteed admission agreement with:

         James Madison University - RN to BSN - Available to SVCC ADN graduates who have obtained RN Licensure. Students must complete application to JMU (Due March 1 each year for fall admission) and receive admission to the university in addition to completing the JMU Department of Nursing RN to BSN application. Students may choose a part-time (3 semesters) or full-time (5 semesters) program of study. Program begins in the fall after completing the required general education courses. Full JMU-SVCC Agreement is available here.

        Sentara College of Health Sciences - RN to BSN - SVCC students must have completed the first year or be a graduate of the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Nursing degree program, having completed the first year of the AAS in Nursing with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in SVCC nursing courses. Additional courses to be taken at SVCC toward the Sentara BSN degree: CHM 111 - College Chemistry, BIO 150 - Microbiology, MTH 241 - Statistics, MTH 152 or 158 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts or College Algebra, PSY 200 or 201- Principles of Psychology, PHI 220 - Ethics, CST 110 - Introduction to Communication, HIS 101/102 - History of Western Civilization, ART 101 - History and Appreciation of Art



Old Dominion University has offices to assist students on our SVCC campuses and has provided the following details on their RN to BSN program -Students entering the RN-to-BSN curriculum with the lower division requirements completed are more likely to be able to complete BSN degree requirements within a six semester time frame – and certainly within three to four years of admission.

The course numbers in parenthesis ( ) are the courses most frequently offered by SVCC that can transfer to meet ODU's requirements. (Other courses taken outside of SVCC may also appropriately meet requirements upon review.) Where more than one SVCC course or sequence of courses is listed, there is a choice as to what course a student takes to fulfill the ODU requirement. For instance, any one course from ENG 241, 242, 243, 244, 251, or 252 will satisfy ODU's Literature Perspective requirement. Grades of C or better are required for transfer of credit.

  • English 110C: (SVCC: ENG 111)
  • English 111C: (SVCC: ENG 112)
  • Literature perspective: (SVCC: ENG 241, 242, 243, 244, 251, or 252)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology - BIOL 250 and 251: (SVCC: NAS 161/162 or BIO 231/232)
  • Psychology 203S: (SVCC: PSY 230)
  • Sociology 201S: (SVCC: SOC 200)
  • Statistics 130M: (SVCC: MTH 241)
  • Foreign Language (6 credits unless exempt): (SVCC: SPA 101/102 or ASL 101/102) **Can be exempted if one of the following conditions are met:
  1. Completion of a university parallel (AA&S) degree
  2. High school graduation prior to 1986
  3. Successful completion of three years of one high school foreign language, or two years of two different foreign languages
  4. Student has a previously-earned bachelor's degree
  • Bacteriology or Microbiology - BIOL 103: (SVCC: BIO 150 or 205)
  • Chemistry - CHEM 105, 106N or CHEM 121,122N: (SVCC: CHM 101/102 or 111/112) only one semester required
  • History Perspective: (SVCC: HIS 101, 102, 121, or 122)
  • Philosophy Perspective: (SVCC: PHI 100, PHI 220, or REL 230)
  • Fine Arts Perspective: (SVCC: ART 101, ART 102, MUS 121, MUS 122, or HUM 100)

If you would like your transcript/s reviewed against the requirements of ODU's RN-to-BSN program requirements, please contact ODU Site Hannah Guarino at hguarino@odu.edu . Or, stop by our offices at either SVCC campus or the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.


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