Official Transcript Request

screen shots with steps indicated

Official transcripts can be requested from your Student Center, part of your Student Information System (SIS).  
Start Here --->>> 
You will need your SIS login & password.

    The numbers in the steps below should match the arrows on the images to the right.


See Image 1 - Right

1. Click the drop down box "Other Academic" 

2. Select "Transcript: Request Official"

3. Click on the Right Arrow Heads arrows


      Scroll down to continue......... 








See Image 2 - Right

4. Select the appropriate college from the drop down list. 

5. Review the information under "Information for Students".

6. If you do not desire, immediate processing of your transcript, please click the drop down box to select a different option.

7. In the "Send To My Address" area, please input the name and address of the recipient. And check the box.

     7B. To input address, click the Edit Address Link. If this is not completed, the transcript will not be sent.

8. Click the Submit button.



Your Official transcript will be processed by the admissions and records office.