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Tuition Refunds – Military Students

According to VCCS policy (a), should a student be ordered to active duty (for reservists) or be mobilized (active military) as described in the Code of Virginia, Section 23-9.6:2, and he/she requests to be withdrawn from the college after the census date, the student may elect either to be deleted from the registration file and be awarded a full refund or to be administratively withdrawn with no refund and assigned a grade of "W". The college shall provide, at the option of the student, for such refunds to be retained and to be applicable to tuition and fees charged in the semester or term in which the student returns to study.
Military students requesting to be deleted from file or administratively withdrawn after the final drop date must contact the Admissions and Records Office (A & R) for the proper procedures and paperwork that must be submitted. The tuition refund/debt removal request process is outlined below.
Military students wishing to be deleted or administratively withdrawn after the final refund date must complete the delete/withdrawal process.

  • The military student goes to the A&R Office or nearest SVCC location to complete the add/drop form indicating preference for delete or withdrawal, and provides a copy of military orders requiring the change in enrollment.
  • Military students with financial aid will be required to communicate with a financial aid representative to discuss implications.  Military students with veteran's benefits will be required to communicate with the Veterans Affairs representative to discuss implications.  The financial aid representative and Veteran's Affairs representative will initial the add/drop form to verify that those funds were not used for tuition payment.

The A & R office verifies that appropriate documentation and signatures are in place before processing the delete or withdrawal.  If a refund is involved, the documentation will be sent to the business office for processing.

VA Work Study Program

SVCC is an approved VA Work Study location.  We have five (5) VA Work Study positions available to students receiving VA benefits.

Details about the VA Work Study Program can be found online at the US Department of Veterans' Affairs web page on Workstudy.

If you would like to apply to be a VA Work Study or if you have more questions about the VA Work Study Program, please fill out the application here and return it to Dean Schwartz, VA Work Study Supervisor (Contact information below).


Student Veterans Clubs

Both of Southside Virginia Community College's main campuses have chapters of Student Veterans of America.  The links below will direct you to contact information for each chapter.

John H. Daniel Campus Student Veterans Club

Christanna Campus Student Veterans Club

Student Veterans of America