Faculty & Staff Directory

Tiffany S. Griffin, Coordinator of Comprehensive Learning Centers/Adjunct Instructor
Juanita Nita Grizzard, Business Manager
Sylvia P. Groves, Library Serials Specialist
Hannah C. Guarino, Old Dominion University Assistant Site Director (SVCC Christanna Campus)
Christie C. Hales, Public Relations & Marketing Specialist
Will Hamilton, College Information Security Officer (ISO), Security Analyst
Keith Harkins, Vice President of Workforce and Continuing Education
Bethany Harris, Human Resource Manager
James Hartley, John H. Daniel Campus Network Services
Dr. Anne C. Hayes, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
John Hays, Instructor of Psychology
John Hicks, Counselor, Student Development
Lois Hicks, Educational Support, Adult Education / GED Examiner
Stacy N. Hines-Bentley, Assistant Professor, LPN Program
Karen Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Sarah Horne, Associate Professor of English
Jeffrey Howard, Electricity/Electronics Instructor
Teresa Hudson, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Peter Hunt, Vice President of Finance & Administration
Karl Hutchings, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Aubrey "Buddy" W. Hyde, Jr., Program Advisor & Assistant Professor
Angela Jackson, Administrative Assistant to the VP of Finance
Christin D. Jackson, Coordinator of WIA Adult and Youth Programs
Leslie Jackson, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Pam Jackson, Network Services
Tim Jenkins, Lead Groundsman
Crystal Jones, Associate Professor for AST/IT
Jamie Jones, Public Relations & Marketing
Lewis Jones, John H. Daniel Campus Follett Bookstore Manager
Rhina C. Jones, Education Support Specialist II
Lisa Jordan, Assistant Professor of History/ Interim Coordinator of Dual Enrollment
Douglas Kemerer, Assistant Professor, Truck Driving Training
Shayna Kendall, Math Instructor
Mike King, Comprehensive One Stop Coordinator
Rebecca Laben, Health Sciences Counselor
Tammie Lambert, Peoplesoft Support
Toni Lambert, Financial Specialist