SmarterMeasure: Are you ready to take a Distance Learning Course?

Find out if online learning is right for you!

SmarterMeasure is a web-based tool that will take you through a sequence of questions and activities to measure your preparedness for online classes. It will briefly assess you in various categories including life factors associated with learning, learning styles, reading rate and recall and technical knowledge-all of which contribute to success in online learning. Best of all, SmarterMeasure gives you feedback instantly! You can print out the feedback for your personal information or e-mail it to your instructors or advisor and they will help you make the right decision about online learning.

Taking the SmarterMeasure assessment is a strongly recommended for taking online classes.

Take SmarterMeasure today and find out if online learning is right for you!

Go to:

Username: svcc

Password: students


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