Industrial Technology

Industrial Maintenance Technician

The Industrial Maintenance Technician Technology Studies Degree is designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated maintenance needs of institutions, businesses, and industries. As maintenance operators become more technologically advanced, greater knowledge and skills are required to keep performance at effiencey. With a broad-based approcah, including a cross-section of technical skills, the Industrial Maintenance Program provides entry-level skills for these emerging industry needs.

Certificate: Electronics

This program is designed for entry and for advancement in electronics-related occupations. The curriculum provides the foundation for electronics courses needed for success in these occupations and builds on the knowledge and skills of residential or industrial electricians. Courses required for the certificate program will be offered primarily at night.

Engineering & Industrial Technology - Electronics Technology

The growth of the electronics and manufacturing industries and the steady demand for qualified electronics technicians have created a need for trained personnel to meet these requirements. The associate of applied science degree curriculum in Electronics is designed to prepare the student for full-time employment immediately upon completion of the community college program.

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