Business Technology - Administrative Support Technology - Legal Specialization

This curriculum is designed to provide specialized administrative support technology education in the legal field. It is recommended for students interested in a professional career as a legal assistant to an attorney or judge; assistant in a legal office of a corporation, of a university, or of an insurance company; or for employment with municipal, state and federal government agencies.

Transfer Degree - General Studies - Administration of Justice Specialization

The associate of arts and sciences degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete baccalaureate degree programs. Whether students are undecided about their majors or plan to enter some specialized program, the flexibility of the electives within SVCC’s Transfer Degree allows them to select courses to meet the transfer requirements of the four-year institutions.

Law Enforcement

The purpose of this career studies certificate program is to prepare students for careers and promotional opportunities in various law enforcement agencies, and private security services, and to supplement the specialized training provided by law enforcement academies, and other criminal justice agencies.

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