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There are many tools available to educators to help with learning both in and out of the classroom. The point of this site is to provide support to the faculty and staff at Southside. You will find information here on Canvas, Google Apps, Zoom, and other tools that can be used in online, hybrid, and the traditional face-to-face courses. 

Information System (SIS)

You will utilize the VCCS Student Information System faculty center to check class rosters and to enter final grades at the end of you session(s) each semester.  You can also utilize this area to email your students before or during the semester.  (Please keep in mind that the Student Information System and Canvas are two completely different areas.  If you would also like information on utilizing Canvas, view the Canvas information below.)

To get to the faculty center, you must log-in to your MySVCC page, click on the link for the Student Information System, and then click into the faculty center.  Instructions are linked here that walk you through this logging in process, as well as entering grades and checking your roster. 

SIS Instructor Quick Reference Guide

Direct Link for the MySVCC Log-In Page

You can access this link through the college website (  There is a link for my MySVCC on the left side menu of the college site.

Please be mindful of laws regarding handling of student information. For an overview of what you can and cannot share without written authorization, view the link below:

FERPA/SVCC Policy Handling Student Information


In the event that the MySVCC portal is down, Canvas can be accessed directly at Also note that you can access Canvas by going to your VCCS Student Gmail, clicking on the Google Apps checkerboard at the top right, and scrolling down to the bottom of the list of accessible apps.

Canvas technology training can be accessed via:

Technology assistance is also available from the eLearning Specialist by emailing


Arc is the video repository platform purchased from Instructure (parent company of Canvas) to use with the new Canvas LMS. Information about using Arc for your video storage and recording can be found here:


Zoom is a lecture capture and video conferencing platform purchased by the college for use in Southside classrooms, and for use by instructors needing web conferencing technology or lecture capture software on their work computers. In order to have access to all Southside Zoom contacts, please have your personal account set up by Linda Allen.

Trainings on how to use Zoom are available from Hoonuit here.