Weapons Policy

Firearms/Weapons Policy

Possession or use of firearms, explosives, or any other dangerous or deadly weapons as defined by the Code of Virginia ยง18.2-308 are not appropriate to the college experience. Therefore students, employees, and patrons are not permitted to possess these items on college property except when carried by bona fide law enforcement officials in their official capacities or persons who possess such weapons as part of the school's curriculum.

This policy applies whether the weapon is functional or not. Any device designed to look like a weapon and/or is used by an individual to cause reasonable apprehension or harm is considered a weapon by this policy.

It is a condition of acceptance to the college that all students comply with the college weapons policy.

Employees agree to this policy and all other policies by accepting continuing employment. Students and patrons agree to this and all other policies by their continuing enrollment and participation in activities and events.