Remote Pilot Airman

Remote Pilot Airman


This class will prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Authority's Part 107 UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) certification test which requires in-depth knowledge of many FAA regulations in regards to not only commercial UAS operations but general aviation knowledge.  Reading and understanding TAC or sectional charts can take time to master.  However, these charts are critical to determine the classification of airspace that you will be operating.  In training, we will review the five main testing areas (Regulations, National Airspace System, Weather, Loading/Performance, and Operations) as well as other information that pertains to commercial operations of UAS under FAA Part 107.  This course also includes one day of hands-on drone training at the Lawrenceville Airport in Lawrenceville, Va.

Remote Pilot Airman Packet

Upcoming Program Start Date: TBA


In-State: $250  |   Out of State: $500

*The FastForward Credential Grant will help pay tuition costs for qualifying Virginians. Additional scholarships may also be available.

Program Length:

2 Weeks

Contact for More Information:

Angela Wright-Rook, 434-949-1026 Email: